About Ruby

My story started when I was two. Neither of my lovely parents were horse people. In fact, they weren’t even pet people. Never the less, I somehow got the horse gene, and started asking to ride at the ripe age of two. For my third birthday, our next door neighbor gave me three riding lessons. And that was it. I was hooked for life.

Since then, I have spent every second possible with horses. I have been a lesson instructor, barn supervisor, school horse trainer, and loper for a cutting horse trainer. I have taken on a few project horses, and shown my own in countless dressage shows. When I’m not in the saddle I am going to clinics, reading books, watching documentaries, and picking my friend’s brains, all for the sake of broadening my understanding of the horse. I think I have become a pretty well rounded rider and horseman.

I would be remiss not to mention my horse Diligent here. He is truly the horse of my lifetime. He helped me to grow in ways that no person could. (He’s the handsome chestnut Oldenburg you see all over this blog)

I do have some interests outside of horses as well. I am fascinated by nutrition, sustainability, and fitness. A short time ago I realized that these concepts, at a fundamental level, do relate to horses. When a rider prioritizes her health, her horse also benefits. This is why I started this blog. I wanted other riders to feel empowered to take their health, and the health of their horses, into their own hands.