Your Health Impacts Your Horse's Health

If you are anything like me, you will do anything for your horse’s health and happiness. You are willing to put in the early morning hours, tough out the achiest muscles, and pull yourself up by your all-weather bootstraps in the most extreme circumstances.


But what I have learned is that there is value in taking care of your own health as a rider and horseman. When you are well rested, physically and mentally fit, and emotionally capable, you are so much more available to your horse and his needs.


Not only this, but those who prioritize their own health have a tendency to extend that priority to their pets. When people feed themselves well, they naturally want to feed their animals well. When people work out they also want their horses to have a workout routine.


But it goes even further than this…when people gain awareness of how their bodies move, heal, breath, and react to their environment, it creates an awareness of how their body impacts their horse’s movements, breath, and reactions.

When I get on a nervous horse, the very first thing I do is take some really deep breaths. I slow down my body and my thoughts. The horse picks up on this calm, slow energy and it allows me to influence his behavior a little bit more intentionally than just loping around in circles until he decides he’s ready to show up to the lesson. But if I find myself in the saddle of a lazy horse, I make myself enthusiastic and excited. I give myself a mission and make it feel urgent. Now, its important to differentiate here between excited and frantic. Frantic is never good. You can be excited AND engaged. You cannot be frantic AND engaged—only one or the other.


This is the founding idea behind this blog. It’s the idea that what I do as a person and the daily lifestyle choices that I make (what I eat, what media I consume, what environment I surround myself with, how I use my body, where I spend my money) directly impact my horse’s life and health.


This is an ongoing discovery for me. Every day it seems I learn something new about myself or horses or the world that impact my riding experience. Riding itself is an act of self discovery and self growth. In fact, I have only really just taken the first few steps of a lifelong journey. I hope you will join me as I continue to grow and unfold as a person, rider, and horseman living in health and intention.